Hello and Welcome to Baby Bunny House !

                                        Hi there,                                        

I am a hobbyist breeder based just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.  I have been around rabbits for as long as I can remember,  I used to drive my mum mad asking for more rabbits than I had already.  I think we had 18 by the time I was 10. 

I have decided to focus on breeding French Lops, Mini Lop and also Lion Lops. 

French Lops - Blue, Butterfly, Broken, Otter and Harlequin

Mini Lops - Blue, sooty fawn and Harlequin

Lion Lops - Tan, Black, Blue, Blue eyed, Sooty fawn

Mini Rex - Liliac, Havana, Orange, Sable Point, Agouti

Please have a wee look around the rest of my site to learn some more or even just to see some cute baby bunnies that have been bred here.